The IG Update is a periodical issued by DAIG on an as-needed basis in order to inform Inspectors General and all Army personnel of major policy changes and directives. Local Inspectors General are highly encouraged to download these PowerPoint flyers, modify them with their local IG information, and post printed copies in common areas. Starting in 2024, an "Armywide" PDF version is also available. 


New! IG Update 24-4: Non-Support to Family Members    Customizable PPTX    Armywide PDF
New! IG Update 24-3: Army Suicide Prevention Program (ASPP)    Customizable PPTX    Armywide PDF
New! IG Update 24-2: AER Campaign Guidance for Leaders    Customizable PPTX    Armywide PDF
IG Update 24-1: Guidance on the revised AR 1-201 and Organizational Inspection Program   Customizable PPTX    Armywide PDF

IG Update 23-4: Guidance on Changes to AD 2023-11 (Army Body Fat Assessment) (PDF version)
IG Update 23-3: Guidance on Bereavement Leave for Soldiers (PDF version)
​IG Update 23-2Guidance on Facial Hair Standards and Accomodations, March 2023 (PDF version)
IG Update 23-1Guidance on Expansion of the Military Parental Leave Program Implementation, February 2023 (PDF version) 

IG Update 22-9: Guidance on Official Use of Social Media for Public Affairs Purposes
, September 2022
IG Update 22-8: Guidance on Army Directive 2022-09 (Soldier Tattoos), June 2022 
IG Update 22-7: Guidance for Commanders; Army Emergency Relief (AER) campaign, June 2022 
IG Update 22-6: Guidance on Political Activities of Soldiers and Federal Employees, May 2022
IG Update 22-5: Guidance on Army Directive 2022-06 (Parenthood, Pregnancy, & Postpartum), April 2022
IG Update 22-4: Guidance on ACFT Changes, April 2022
IG Update 22-3: Guidance on Personnel Actions for COVID-19 Vaccine Refusal, February 2022
IG Update 22-2: Guidance on the Award and Wear of the IG Identification Badge, March 2022
IG Update 22-1: Military Whistleblower Reprisal (WBR), October 2021

IG Update 21-4: Army Transgender Policy, July 2021
IG Update 21-3a: Supplement to ACFT update 3.0, May 2021
IG Update 21-3: ACFT 3.0, April 2021
IG Update 21-2: COVID-19 Vaccination Guidance, April 2021
IG Update 21-1a: Supplement to Appearance and Grooming Standards, updated May 2021

IG Update 21-1: Updates to Appearance and Grooming Standards, March 2021